19 April 2010


If there was ever a student who could take an essay question and turn it into an excuse to watch Heathers, Clueless and Mean Girls all for the sake of one academic paper, it’s me. Oh, I’ve definitely ruined many of my favourite shows, films and books in the process of all this deconstruction (not to mention the memories that go with them) but in the end, I've spent the better part of six years completing two degrees on two different continents, all with a common purpose - to question information. Always.

And that’s what Girl, Deconstructed is all about - a medley of my academic background and my (sometimes) pathetic but undying love of pop culture. In other words, examining pop culture through an informed and gendered lens. Par example,

- - - - -

Did you know that Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland is a commentary on female puberty in the Victorian Era? And that Tim Burton's version still upholds many of those reclusive themes, despite Alice's feminist(ish) happy ending?

Are you one of the few who actually recognize that Bella and Edward’s relationship blurs the lines between love and intimate partner violence? (This would be a good opportunity to say that I side with Team Jacob.)

And aren't you just completely appreciative yet slightly dumbfounded that it took Kotex THIS long to come up with a commercial so hilariously witty?

- - - - -

So please… sit back and enjoy while I take it upon myself to simultaneously destroy and enlighten your experiences of pop culture.

Girl, Deconstructed

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