25 April 2010

Because I'm wearing white pants....

Hopefully by now you’ve heard of the U by Kotex campaign. If not, here's a marvelous refresher...

This requires absolutely no explanation. Just a healthy outpouring of appreciation and love. And a massive shoutout to the Kotex employee whose idea it was to include the clip of a screaming, white cat.

I discovered this one a few days ago- same campaign (which is actually pretty cool - check www.ubykotex.com for a quick peek). I'm leaning towards the thought that this one is just a web commercial as I have yet to see it on my t.v and somehow doubt that it will make it there.

The sarcasm is laid on quite a bit thicker than the first one, no?

Again though, no explanation necessary. Just an oversized outpouring of admiration for a company who’s making a keen effort to change the way women think about their bodies. Period.

Brutal pun but I couldn't resist :)

‘Don’t all these angles make me seem dynamic?’

Girl, Deconstructed


  1. The white pants ad actually is on tv, I saw it the other day and was impressed. I like commercials like this that are starting to break the mould of what is considered normal. It shows that advertisers are recognizing that viewers actually have a brain. I think that the dove beauty commercials do a great job of this as well, though in a different way than the Ubykotex commercials.

  2. Oh wow! Well I'm definitely surprised it's on TV...I had wondered if people would think it was pushing the envelope TOO much and that's why I hadn't seen it yet! But agreed Kel, it's always nice when consumers are recognized as more than just dupes, right. With that, I hope people aknowledge companies like Kotex by buying their products.

    (Hope life in Ottawa is treating you well Kel!)